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About us and some tips

With Toscana Contractor's extensive knowledge of construction we can understand how to construct and maintain properties. Some customers may also need engineering services required by their local township building department and Toscana Contractors can provide this service. Toscana Contractors has worked closely with engineers, township officials, inspectors and reliable vendors to get your project completed within building code compliance. Make sure when you are making your decision on which contractor to use you check the following:

1) Is the company licensed through NJ state consumer affairs? You can easily check this out by visiting and goto contractors search to see if the contractor is licensed.

2) Make sure the contractor is FULLY insured. Make sure they have Workers Compensation insurance. If a worker is hurt on your property and does not have this insurance they can sue you! It may be best to request an insurance accord certificate to prove that the contractor is FULLY insured.

3) Does your project require a permit? If so if you are worker with a contractor the contractor should be applying for the permits not you! Why will most contractors ask you or offer huge discounts if you fill out the permit? Because they are either not licensed, insured, have many complaints against them with consumer affairs and licensed was revoked or they are not a registered business.

4) Does your contracts specify what type or how much of a product you are getting? It's best if it does otherwise the contractor can cheat you!

5) It is a good idea to get references and or projects completed by the contractor. Also ask what the project values where worth? This is what the large companies ask sub contractors before hiring them for a large scale projects to ensure they are capable of completing the project with least amount of problems. If a company can handle larger scale or same scale projects as yours most likely this is not their first time doing it.

Below are some pictures of construction of a bank. Remember Toscana Contractors on your next residential project we are more than capable! Weather a sidewalk, driveway or seal coat maintenance call us (732)247-1338.

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